Mar 10, 2007

Some of my solutions for transit

After stating my lack of confidence in LRT systems Karem Allen posed the following question to me.

What is your idea transit solutions aside from the ultimate travel by way of "Beam me up" and get vaporized and reassembled at the other end :)

My response: I have been a big fan of Star Trek right from the first episode and love it. Anyway, Toronto is now in its present state, because of the refusal to construct expressways and subways. We cannot forget the expressways because they draw traffic off the local streets.

The Conservative government of Mike Harris became a big let down to transit when it cancelled construction of the Eglinton West subway line in 1995. This was after tens of millions of dollars had already been spent on tunnel construction.

For transit to be successful in Toronto subways were the only way to go. While a subway would be much more expensive to construct than a LRT in the long run they are cheaper. The cheapest transit systems are those that last the longest. One only has to look at the London England Underground.

The thing that has turned me off the most about a LRT is the SRT in Scarborough. After the construction had been finished, many more millions of dollars had to be poured into it to fix the defects. The whole project would have been better off if the Bloor Danforth subway had been extended to The Scarborough Town Centre.

Let us get something straight about Durham Region. Except for the Go Trains there’s nothing in Durham to suggest that a LRT or subway is needed. The passenger count or congestion does not present a need for any high capacity rail lines. Any north south rail line following one of the proposed 400 series highways from the 401 to the 407 would be better handle by Go Transit. The lakeshore trains could swing onto the north south routing. This would cut down on passengers having to transfer. There is also an advantage of using a present mode of transit rather a new technology of LRT. Go trains are able to handle a higher volume of people.

I do have other things in my mind but I'll save that for another time. I hope this gives you some insight of my solutions for transit. But I’m only a bus driver and my opinion does not count.

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Karem Allen said...

Current level of population you are right that a subway is not needed but they say Durham is the fastest growing region.

I still think they need a faster mode of transit to rise above the lakeshore line and service crossing the regions in a continuous line as my buttons state-- I don't work downtown.

Getting to Midtown and the upper portions of the city is not easily done and that is why people are driving and will continue to drive.

Your opinion always counts-- I hope you will agree to be on our Transit Forum Panel when we get to that or would that get you fired ?

That was a coincidence you are a Star Trek Fan. Beam me up Andy!