Feb 18, 2007

Surrey rail vision to start small

I find the article from The Leader newspaper of Surry British Columbia very interesting. It reminds me of comments about the radial railways that one time supplied transit in the area now known as the GTA. If the original right a ways had been maintained the transit map of the City of Toronto would have been much different.

Now would be the time for Durham Region to begin securing transit corridors for either Bus Rapid Transit or a Rail right of way. This would be more than just using the existing CN and CP corridors that already exist.

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kallen said...

Exactly and that is what I asked in the letter to councillors, land has to be designated now and they need to say what the plan is. 10 years from now they will be scratching their heads going-- well there is no place to put in terminals and then the NIMBY's will say I don't want a railine running behind my house.

Designate the land now so they know it is coming and they can't dispute it.

Land must be zoned now for future transit use in Durham High order corridors.