Feb 8, 2007

Province Announces CEO Of GTTA

Michael Fenn has been appointed CEO by the McGuinty government to the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority. I can’t see anything in the Ontario Ministry of Transportation news release that suggest he has experience in public transit.


David Harrison said...

Hi Andy.

He was city manager in Burlington, which is not surprisingly the same jurisdiction that the GTTA's chair (Rob MacIsaac) was mayor of. I suspect that he was selected for his experience working with MacIsaac.

My guess is that this is more an organizational position than anything at this point, since the GTTA is currently just a planning agency. If/when they take on operational responsibilities, they'll need their David Gunn type.

karem Allen said...

Thanks for the update, politicians don't need experience, you know that :)

Mark February 28th in your calendar and try to come to the Forum in Toronto, info on my blog.

Durham region is still investigating whether someoen from DRT or the Region will attend -- :)