Feb 13, 2007

GO still going despite strike

We are now entering day two of the United Transportation Union, Conductors’ strike with CN rail.

There was only one train problem yesterday, but it was unrelated to the CN strike. The Oakville to Toronto train at 7:05 a.m. was cancelled because of an equipment problem.

GO Transit trains are staffed by CN employees under contract, except for the Milton line, which is operated by CPR.

Two things that I personally noticed.

  1. The lack of freight trains. I only saw one heading eastbound through Pickering.

  2. Midday Go Trains continued to run from 5 to 8 minutes late. In the past Go has blamed the delays onto the freight trains having the right of way over passenger trains. Give them a chance and I’m sure that they will up with something new for the delay.

1 comment:

Karem Allen said...

Even if a legitimate switch problem occured, they probably would not dare say it was a switch. Anything but a switch, watch them go to the extreme and say that person jumped in front of train but not a swiching problem!