Feb 22, 2007

The City Of Hamilton’s vision for transportation includes bike lanes, rapid bus transit, a possible incline railway -- and an open door for a highway linking the airport to the new Red Hill Valley Parkway.I’m hearing a lot about BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) these days. It seems to be the the latest transit trend across North America. Many cities have or are planning to have BRT routes. The transportation master plan for Hamilton has a BRT plus other alternatives in the blueprints.
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What does a BRT route offer?

  • BRT offers faster operating speeds and services can be tailored to meet community and passenger needs.

  • Unlike light rail, a BRT system can be implemented incrementally, as demand grows and funds become available, giving immediate benefits.

  • Service can be tailored to service even the busiest urban corridor by using high-capacity vehicles, frequent service and parallel local and express routes.

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