Jan 16, 2007

Winter storm

After a mild and snow less winter, January 15, 2007 became a day of testing for the transit systems of the GTA. With freezing rain and snow fall, Durham Region Transit held it’s own. A number of yellow school bus companies had to cancell their runs. In Durham west, DRT managed to keep all of the bus routes running. DRT was able to bring in some extra drivers to be on standby. This was a great difference from past experiences where there were no extra buses that could fill in when the regular runs were running late. The big disappointment of the day was Go Transit. With frozen switches, the Go Trains were running late or not at all. In the last year, Go has been having their problems.


Dana said...

Love the picture, where's Louie?
Why is it that DRT can get some things right but not others.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I recently found your site from a new blog run by David Harrison, he links to yours and mine. My name is Karem Allen and I have Transit Nighmares that durhamregion.com asked to host for me.

I do have a question since you are a bus driver. In your opinion can a DRT bus be driven to Greenwood Conservation area? I know it is a more rural setting.


My blog is at http://durhamregion.typepad.com/transit_nightmares/