Jan 19, 2007

Special Constables Bust Metropass Counterfeiters

The TTC Special Constables, working with the Peel Regional Police, have broken up a Metropass counterfeiting shop. Peel Police and TTC Special Constables executed a search warrant on Dec. 20 in Peel Region. The investigation into the scope of the alleged crimes is ongoing.
The hunt began last May when TTC officials put out a notice about phony Metropasses that were being distributed in the city. From there, they began to follow a long and winding road of deception that eventually led cops to a residence in Mississauga.

After the warning, TTC Special Constables continued to investigate concentrating their efforts on dismantling the distribution network and tracking down the production facility. These efforts were rewarded Dec. 20th when the TTC obtained a search warrant for a residence in Mississauga. Peel Regional Police assisted with the execution of the search warrant, uncovering a significant credit card forgery lab that was also producing TTC Metropasses, Ontario Drivers Licences and Social Insurance Cards. One male was arrested at that time and has been charged with eight criminal offences so far.
"It boils down to money," contends Acting Det. Sgt. Brian Wintermute. "A person can make money obviously doing this type of thing and if they're good at it and able to produce credit cards, able to produce in this case the T.T.C. passes, the Ontario driver's licenses, health cards, SIN cards - it all boils down to money ... Diversify ... you make more money if you diversify."
Police discovered at least 8,000 phony credit cards, but wouldn't say how many driver's licenses or health cards they found. And they have no way of knowing how many of them may already be in circulation.

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