Jan 23, 2007

Guelph has 8 security cameras for every bus

Guelph Transit has decided to install state-of-the-art security camera surveillance system on all its public transit buses. The Seon Explorer 8-channel Mobile Digital Surveillance System combines state-of-the-art compression technology with up to eight cameras and a 500-gigabyte hard drive. The cost-effective and user-friendly system is ideal for small to mid-size transit properties. The rugged digital video recorder offers, amongst its many features, Smart-Temp and Smart-Start technology to ensure the DVRs are up and running whenever a bus is on the road. Funding for the systems was secured from Ontario Provincial Gas Tax.

"We are looking to offer our customers and transit operators more safety and security,” said Randall French, Manager of Transit Services for the City of Guelph. “Of all bids, Seon offered the best product. We know our buses will be safer.”

Mayor Karen Farbridge is pleased with the initiative. “The City is committed to ensuring the safety and security of transit riders and operators,” the Mayor said. The installation of the surveillance system is an initiative that further brings Guelph Transit to the forefront of municipal bus services.”

My comment: Security cameras do not make a person any safer. Yes they do assist in the identify some of the culprits. Prevent crime… no way. A more visible police force is what we need. Do all banks have cameras? Do bank robberies still happen? How about convenience stores? How about putting surveillance cameras in board rooms? You'd probably catch as many criminals. Read full report.

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