Jan 4, 2007

GO Transit struggles with crew changes

GO Transit riders faced delays on the Lakeshore train line for the second day in a row Wednesday.

The public transit system struggled on Tuesday, the first day back to work for many Torontonians, with multiple train delays on the Lakeshore line blamed on employee cuts.

Difficulties continued for the train line with four Lakeshore East trains delayed more than 15 minutes Wednesday morning, and one trip from Oshawa late by 78 minutes because of equipment problems, the company website said. A Lakeshore West train to Burlington was also late by 20 minutes.

The Canadian National Railway Co., which provides crews for Lakeshore trains, recently cut the number of engineers on each train from two to one at the request of GO Transit to save money.

Crews had consisted of four workers — two engineers, a conductor and an assistant conductor — but under the restructuring have been cut to three.

"With new procedures, we just basically had some teething problems in terms of getting up to speed," said CN Railway spokesman Mark Hallman.

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