Dec 13, 2006

New logo and Hybrid Bus

On Monday, December 11, the Hamilton Street Railway unveiled the winning design for Hamilton's new articulated hybrid buses.

Dave Kuruc of Mixed Media on James North won the design contest. 51 submissions were sent into the HSR for the design of these new buses, but clearly the transit committee made a great choice in selecting Kuruc's sharp design.

The purchase of seven of these articulated (bendy-bus) hybrids along with several diesel and hybrid 40 foot buses represent the largest single purchase in the history of the HSR.

Also, these 60-foot articulated buses will be the first in North America delivered by New Flyer with the restyled exterior and interior enhancements.

These new buses should hit the streets in February 2007, and I'm sure will be a big hit with the public.

My comment: It appears that Durham Region Transit is still dragging it's feet on the purchase of hybrid buses. In the past they have cited cost as the major factor for not upgrading their fleet to more environment friendly buses.

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