Nov 15, 2006

New GO station

Uxbridge residents will soon have less distance to travel to hop on a train into Toronto, following the announcement of plans to build a new GO train station on the outskirts of the township.

The Region announced Friday that a new station will be built near the south part of Uxbridge, on the west side of the York/Durham boundary. Roger Anderson, Durham's regional chairman, told the Times-Journal that he hopes the station, an extension of the existing Stouffville GO route, will be completed in 2007 or early 2008.

"The (GO) board has authorized the execution of a contract for the preliminary design, detailed design and construction supervision of a new station near the southern part of the Township of Uxbridge," said Mr. Anderson. "This is incredible news for residents in our northern municipalities. Access to GO Transit services for these residents is long overdue, and I thank GO for recognising and acting on this matter."

He noted the new facility will be "where the (GO) trains park overnight now" in the northern section of Stouffville, bordering on Uxbridge.

Ben Chartier, executive director of Durham Transit, said finding a way to get residents to the station "will definitely be in our plans.

"The (station) wouldn't work if we can't get people there," he said. Mr. Chartier added that Port Perry residents can also be worked into transit plans. But, "It's a little early" to determine full details of a new transit route. "We're not sure what (GO's) timing is."

Outgoing Uxbridge Mayor Gerri Lynn O'Connor said of the new addition, "I think it's great, it's something we can work on." She feels the next step should be a station in Goodwood, and if officials "can get the tracks in good enough shape, it could carry people right from our train station (in town).

"I wish that GO would look at taking over the CN (Canadian National) line from Havelock to Union Station (in Toronto)," the mayor noted, adding the track is not yet fully suitable for passenger trains.

But Mayor O'Connor said the newest addition is welcome. "People can get to downtown and not fight traffic... they can come into work relaxed and come back (home) relaxed," she said.

Mr. Anderson said his next goal is to secure a station for Goodwood.

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