Oct 18, 2006

Letter to Candidate For Regional Councillor Ward 2 Ajax

Joanne Bush was blunt and right to the point when she emailed candidate Al Williams... "I am a constituent of Ward 2 and I would like to know where you stand on the current Transit Strike?"

His reply... I guess you are looking for a quick answer. I was hoping to put more work into my answer as I am currently out knocking on doors.
The problem was created by Roger Anderson the regional chair. Ajax asked for a business plan on joining up all the transit services. He didn't put much effort into it. I sent him and regional council a message about how bad the plan was. 1) joining all the unions, they will ask for equity for all there members, the highest of everything. 2) He said there would be no fare increase, my daughters fare almost doubled. No body wins in a strike, it's a sign of poor management.
My apologies for the slow response.

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Dana said...

Too bad he didn't really answer her question, typical politician!