Oct 6, 2006

CAW - DRT Strike, Day One

Today is the first full day of the transit strike in Durham Region. Roger Anderson is quoted in the Toronto Star as saying "the cost of this (proposed) contract was just too much to afford and not what the residents expect us to pay, hopefully it won't last too long."

“Regional Council had sent their bargaining committee a strong mandate to steal our members’ benefits, our retirees’ benefits, our COLA and to contract out a portion of our work," said CAW Local 222 President Chris Buckley. Read more...

I have been informed that the memship meetings scheduled for Tuesday Oct. 10 will be down to just one meeting at 10:00 am.

First time on strike for the young

A couple of veterans

Just do it

Who let the dogs out?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who is Matt Wilson??
(re: Toronto Star, Sat. Oct. 7)

Is he one of three Toronto Negotiatiors the Region hired??

Seems the Region has a lot of money to buy top negotiatiors but won't spend the money to continue talks!

I wish the Regional Chairman's position was elected because the bastard and sneak sitting there now would never get voted in!

I have no intentions of voting for my area Regional Councillor either.

Times they are a changin'

Stand tall and true CAW 222!