Sep 11, 2006

The rail industry's dirty little secret

So the rail industry has a secret. This article is a good bit of investigative reporting. It explains further of why Go Transit is experiencing train cancellations.

GO Transit -- which this summer struggled through its worst on-time performance in years -- has more trouble getting crews to show up for shifts on Fridays than any other day, according to the agency's internal performance reports.

"Friday's always tough," says GO Transit managing director Gary McNeil. "What's typically happening on Friday is you get a train crew calling in to say: 'I'm too tired to operate the train.' The railways can't say you have to operate the train. They have to take that as a legit book-off."

Thank Goodness It's Friday. It's the rail industry's dirty little secret, one GO Transit officials are nearly powerless to address. Over the summer crew shortages caused cancellations or delays on June 23, July 7, Aug. 4 and Aug. 18, all Fridays. Read more…

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