Sep 9, 2006

2006 Transportation Tomorrow Survey

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The 2006 Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) is a telephone interview of a random sampling of 5% of the households in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding area of Central Ontario (approximately 150,000 households). It involves asking the survey participants about trip information for each household member. The results are used to form a comprehensive picture of travel in the survey area.

The survey will be conducted in the areas outside the GTA, starting in September and end in late November of 2005. The GTA will be surveyed during the same period in 2006. All survey work will be completed by late 2006.

Expansion of survey records and data validation will be carried out using 2006 Census household numbers starting in 2007. Final data results from the TTS should be available by December 2007.

The TTS survey has been carried out on a 5-year cycle since 1986. It has been conducted as an ongoing partnership arrangement between the Province and 18 municipalities and agencies, and the University of Toronto. Since its inception, the Data Management Group (DMG) of the University of Toronto has undertaken management responsibility for all TTS surveying and data management. DMG then maintains the data on an ongoing basis for access by all partners.
Value to MTO

The TTS provides basic information essential for transportation planning in Central Ontario. Various parts of the Ministry use this valuable data for:

* Planning studies
* Policy development
* Official Plans and Transportation Master Plans
* Environmental Assessments
* Development and calibration transportation forecast models
* Transportation Impact Studies
* Transit service and route planning
* Identification of inter-regional transportation issues
* Travel behaviour analysis
* Transportation systems operations and design

The TTS provides us with the ability to track and compare changes in travel behaviour from one survey period to another using information collected using consistent statistical methods. Having time series analysis on a regular basis allows for a better understanding of how travel behaviour is changing and the challenges in meeting future demand.

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