Jun 29, 2006

Park in Barrie, ride to Toronto

Greyhound Canada has come up with an $8 million mega park-n-ride proposal designed to make between Toronto and Barrie faster by bus and cheaper than taking GO Transit.

The City of Barrie is considering a proposal from Greyhound to build a terminal on the south side of town with a lot large enough to provide free parking for 1,000 cars. The service would have easy access to Highway 400 and wouldn't require annual government subsidies. Continued…

Jun 24, 2006

Transit numbers prove the ride was worth the work

Durham Region Transit may not have been embraced by all when it first hit the road last year but recent figures prove the effort was worth it.

Bus ridership in Durham Region jumped by more than 185,000 trips in the first quarter of 2006 over the same period a year before figures show. In the first quarter of 2005 about 1.76 million trips were taken on municipally-operated public transit services. Under the banner of Durham Region Transit, those numbers jumped to almost 1.95 million proving the move to a regionally operated transit system was well worth the effort. Continued...

Dennis in £25m US bus deal

My comment: I still remember the Toronto Transit Commission's experment with articulated buses. It turned out to be a failure. I hope Go Transit has more success with thier new double decker buses.

DOUBLE-DECKER tour buses for Washington DC form part of orders worth £25 million announced yesterday by Falkirk bus builder Alexander Dennis.

The firm, which nearly collapsed two years ago, will also build vehicles for Go Transit, Toronto's transport authority, and it said orders for its latest "Eco Warrior" green bus had increased by one third to 300. The news coincided with a visit to the plant by Douglas Alexander, the Scottish Secretary and UK Transport Secretary, who congratulated the workforce on their latest successes. Continued

Jun 16, 2006

Is this an offer the TTC can't refuse?

Think of it as city hall's version of the TV game show Deal or No Deal: Does the Toronto Transit Commission have to buy its new generation of subway cars, at a cost of about $700-million, only from Bombardier?

Mayor David Miller defends the "sole-source" arrangement by pointing to a 1992 deal between Bombardier and the Ontario government that he said obligates the TTC to buy railcars from the Canadian company.

Bombardier spokesman David Slack said the company believes the deal is still valid. The current Ontario government, however, says there is no deal. Continued…

Jun 11, 2006

Special fare supported in principal

Eyeing Ottawa's transit system, the Region will investigate implementing a Durham Region Transit (DRT) special access fare.

"We are not as trailblazing as we might think," said Oshawa Councillor April Cullen, who introduced the motion. "(Ottawa) has got a good system. We don't need to reinvent the wheel."

Staff was instructed to investigate an access fare pass for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients and report back to the DRT commission at the first meeting after the summer recess. Continued...

No charge bus rides roll on for now

A free ride for all will continue on specific community days in Ajax and Pickering.

The Durham Region Transit commission voted to change a transit policy which stated municipalities that wanted to offer free bus rides to events like Canada Day and Home Week would have to pay for it.

Prior to the creation of a Durham-wide transit system, both Ajax and Pickering had "no charge" community-wide days. Continued...

Student wins top award for ride-the-bus project

Nelson High School student Chris Austin is full of ideas for promoting Burlington Transit and boosting ridership.

His Grade 11 marketing study took the top award in its category in a contest for students who took part in Beyond Tomorrow, an innovative partnership involving Burlington Transit and the Halton District School Board. Continued…

Jun 10, 2006

No-board report requested in transit talks

The challenge of blending four previous union contracts to create a new one for the Durham Region Transit system could leave the region without service as early as July 17.

"We are progressing slowly, but we are progressing," said Ted Galinis, DRT general manager. "We are hopeful to conclude this amicably." Continued...

More people jumping on the bus

Bus ridership in Durham Region jumped by more than 185,000 trips in the first quarter of 2006 over the same period last year.

In the first quarter of 2005, about 1.76 million trips were taken on municipally-operated public transit services. In the first quarter of this year, under the banner of Durham Region Transit, the number jumped to almost 1.95 million. Three municipal transit systems merged into a regional service on Jan. 1. Continued...

Jun 9, 2006

The car rules' T.O., says TTC ex-chief

"This is a transit city? Oh, my God," chuckles Rick Ducharme, (photo right) the city's pre-eminent expert on the matter, who took some time between packing boxes in his office at TTC headquarters to talk about his seven years as chief general manager of Canada's largest public transit system. Continued…

Jun 4, 2006

Miller needs to help

Mayor should step up and do his job by resolving labour issues between TTC management and union

I am amazed that a city as large and powerful as Toronto has such a naive and inexperienced mayor. The Harvard-educated mayor seems to lack an understanding of the average working man and has no sympathy for his plight. The workers at the TTC are disgruntled, irate and put upon by management. Morale at the TCC is at an all-time low. This situation did not happen overnight. Continued…

My Comments: I have been retired from the TTC for nine years. My own personal observation of after working as an Operator for thirty two years is that the TTC management are very heartless. The management team continues to find fault with their employees. They spend a fortune on training and when that is over they spend another fortune on trying to fire employees. We were never permitted to think. If something goes wrong they have to always punish someone.

I know of a number of employees that on their retirement day took the retirement gift from the TTC and chucked it into the garbage. They then told the manager to go f**k themselves and then they out into the driver’s room to say goodbye to their friends. It’s one of the few jobs around where a person could get in trouble for doing their job.

After retirement I started to work part-time for Pickering Transit. It took me along time to adjust to a management team that treated their employees fairly. I just assumed that all employers treated their employees the same way the TTC did. How wrong I was! It’s amazing what thirty two years of brainwashing did to me.

Wildcat strike a wake-up call

Workers slam on brakes

As a proud member of Local 113, I stand by the actions taken by my union brethren that led to the loss of transit service in this city. Continued…