May 31, 2006

Transit contract talks begin in Durham

Monday morning's illegal TTC strike in Toronto showed the crippling effect a transit strike can have on a city.

Garth Johns, Durham's commissioner of human resources, said as the Region and transit employees negotiate their first collective agreement, he is hopeful the same won't happen here. Continued…

May 27, 2006

Minister to tackle gridlock, TTC

Donna Cansfield paused and sighed when she was asked yesterday when she last took the TTC.

The newly minted transportation minister, who had only learned two hours earlier she was moving from the ministry of energy, said that was "a good question, actually." Continued…

May 25, 2006

TTC collectors bow out of fare fights

'We will no longer put our safety and our incomes at risk for $2.75,' union head says

The head of the union that represents Toronto Transit Commission drivers told his members yesterday to stop engaging in disputes over fares with riders, because of concerns over assaults on TTC workers.

Bob Kinnear, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113, said this "self-defence" policy is necessary because TTC management has done too little to protect its workers from assaults on the job, many of which happen after a driver challenges someone for not paying the appropriate fare. Continued…

May 24, 2006

TTC fan’s website offers rider hints

When Sean Lerner put out the word that he was looking for tips on how to use transit, suggestions rolled in to his website People offered hints on finding a seat during rush hour, time-saving short cuts and decent places to get food in subway stations. Continued...

May 23, 2006

Canadians Taking Transit at Record Level

Preliminary public transit ridership statistics for 2005 show an increase of 2.5% nationally for an all-time record of 1.63-billion trips taken in 2005, as reported by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). Continued…

May 11, 2006

Potential labour dispute avoided

No YRT service interruptions after new five-year contract ratified between Miller Transit Ltd. and Amalgamated Transit Union. Continued...

Bus service on the way

My Comments: This is not only good news for the residents of Brooklin and Durham but it is also good for the employees of Durham Region Transit.

BROOKLIN -- Buses will soon roll along village streets, residents have learned. The assurance came at a recent public meeting with Durham Region Transit staff, Durham Chairman Roger Anderson and local councillors. Continued...

May 10, 2006

Hydrogenics Fuel Cell Hybrid Midibus

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--Hydrogenics Corporation: a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen and fuel products, today announced the successful deployment of its fuel cell hybrid midibus, alongside the regular fleet of diesel powered buses, at the world's largest annual industrial fair in Hannover, Germany. Over five days, from April 24 to 28, the bus clocked 405 kilometers, consuming a total of 10.1 kg of hydrogen. Approximately 800 people rode the bus to travel between the event's 13 buildings. Continued…

May 4, 2006

Break on monthly passes

OTTAWA—Transit pass users get a break on fares, and the TTC may have its subway extension past York University into Vaughan. The new government pledged up to $1.3 billion in support of public transit infrastructure — for projects like the subway — by entrenching programs created by the previous Liberal regime. Continued…