Apr 9, 2006

Durham Region Transit Bus Stops

At first, when Durham Region Transit took over all of the public transit in the area, the DRT bus stops had a sticker placed on them. The photo on the left displays the new stickers. (Click all photos for a larger view.)
Out with the old and in with the new. This photo shows the new bus stop for DRT. Unfortunately they never reinstalled any bus stops that were previously missing.

Oops! This one has been missed. Even the Ajax Pickering Transit Authority missed this one. It still has the old markings from the days of Pickering Transit.

PS: This piece of history is now gone and the stop has the new logo.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Once again we have someone making things that are not looked at from the public and bus driver standpoint.
Looking down the street for a bus stop all we see are WHITE SIGNS that blend in with the other white signs.
Its like the bus passes that have a nice coloured stripe with the month in it but the class of pass adult, student, child and senior all look the same with the fancy GOLD lettering.
Using a simple large BOLD RED A for adult, S for senior and C for child and then the ST and RST for student and restricted student a bus driver could see at a GLANCE the class of pass. KISS!!!!!!!!!!!