Apr 16, 2006

All aboard for the King St. choo-choo

It looks like the TTC is about to screw up the service on King Street. What I mean is make it more inferior, as in quality, condition, or effect. I remember Bloor Danforth before the subway opened. They used to run multiple unit streetcars along those roads and the service had the same problems. In fact people used to jam into the lead car leaving the trailer with plenty of space. Toronto needs more subways and less streetcars.

Read about the TTC plan here…


James Bow said...

The problem is, new subways cost at least $125 million to build. A new streetcar line (otherwise known as an LRT) costs just $15 million. For the ridership involved, you get far more bang for the buck.

For all its faults, the Bloor-Danforth streetcar line was carrying far more than the King line currently handles.

Though I agree a Downtown Relief Subway is tempting.

James Bow said...

Both of those numbers are per kilometre

Andy said...

The City of Toronto is having their problems with transit today because of taking the cheaper way out. Example would be the RT line in Scarborough. Instead the subway should have been extended. After it was completed tons of money was pumped into it trying to fix it. The Spadina Subway is built in the wrong place. It should have been further west on Bathurst Street.

James Bow said...

Except that the Scarborough RT is not the cheaper way out. It ended up costing as much as a subway extension because the province of Ontario wanted a high-tech solution to a low-tech problem.

Had the Scarborough RT been built as a high-speed streetcar route, as it had designed to be at the beginning, it would have provided a far better value for the money spent; it would have been expanded across Scarborough, and we wouldn't be talking about spending hundreds of millions of dollars replacing the current installation.

Agree with you on the location of the Spadina subway, though, but that's a planning issue, and not a technology one.