Mar 26, 2006

Durham wonders why it was excluded

After reading a provincial budget that included $1.2 billion for transit and roads in York, Peel and Toronto, Roger Anderson, chair of Durham Region, was left wondering what happened. Continued…

Transit spending better than tax rebates.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says he thought about using a cash windfall for tax rebates but spending it on improved public transit was the better way.

"We could have sent everybody a $200 cheque," McGuinty said a day after Finance Minister Dwight Duncan's budget earmarked $1.2 billion for an expanded Spadina subway line to York Region, bus-only lanes and road repairs.


Mar 23, 2006

Torontoist: History of TTC Insanity

Lately there's been more and more attention paid to the TTC and it's conservative ways. It either doesn't embrace affection shown towards it (Spacing Subway Buttons, TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide), or outright rejects affection (TTC Anagram Map). But have things always been this way? A trip into the past reveals that they might have been worse:


GO charging ahead toward `smart card'

GO Transit wants to give "reward miles" to commuters, build a dedicated bus lane on the Don Valley Parkway and run local transit services to feed its suburban stations, says its top official.

"We're pushing forward with small successes," general manager Gary McNeil told a transportation summit run by the Strategy Institute think tank at the Delta Chelsea. "It's one little battle after another, but eventually we are going to win."


Mar 20, 2006

Shifting to Smart Cards: A Tale of Two Cities

Part 1: The Boston Experience

By Ashok Joshi

With the introduction of the CharlieCard in May 2005, Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) entered a new era of electronic fare collection, as the system enabled fare payment using smart cards and credit/debit cards. MBTA, which operates the nation’s oldest subway system, now possesses the tools to use data more effectively to improve service. More…

Mar 19, 2006

TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide

 Shave seconds off your journey with the TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide.

TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide.

Mar 18, 2006

Students Vote Yes On U Pass

Local post-secondary schools are adding transit to tuition.

DURHAM -- University and college students in Durham will see a discounted regional transit pass added to their tuition costs this September.


Mar 17, 2006

Pedestrian Bridge Part of Budget Talks

PICKERING -- Residents don't seem to be quite as supportive as councillors of a proposed $4.5 million pedestrian bridge over Hwy 401.


Mar 8, 2006

Durham College / U.O.I.T. - Campus RT.101

With picket signs reading 'College faculty on strike', Durham College's teachers, librarians and counsellors were stationed at campus entrances Tuesday morning, temporarily blocking driveways to hand out information on why they're striking.

There's no telling how long this strike will last. In the meantime DRT buses are not entering campus grounds. I have not been able to locate any information on DRT's web page about the rerouting of the buses. Offering my assistance to DRT I am posting this map to assist those that may need it.,

Click map for larger view.

Mar 6, 2006

Provincial gridlock stalls transit authority

Like commuters waiting for a train that never comes, advocates of better mass transit across the Greater Toronto Area are staring down an empty track and wondering just what went wrong. Gridlock chokes major highways and roads throughout the region. Long-promised reform is overdue. But fundamental change never seems to arrive.  Continued…

Toronto Environmental Alliance

Transit is a cornerstone to a healthy City - economically, socially and environmentally.

TEA campaigns for better transit service on existing routes and a major expansion of the system North of Eglinton. While there is some good news for the TTC after a decade of decline, we are concerned about delays in service improvements, continued fare increases and question our priorities in building expensive new subways for a few, instead of a new suburban light rail/busway network for many. Continued...

Mar 5, 2006

Einstein Looks For Help

Today Dr. Albert Einstein stopped by the great City Of Pickering to assist me in figuring out the new bus fare.

Einstein Quote: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

How to keep TTC on the rails

How to keep TTC on the rails

You can travel 46 kilometres across the city of Toronto, stop off for a quick shopping spree at a mall, reconnect with your bus or subway and do it all for $2. That is, while the TTC cries poor. - How to keep TTC on the rails.

Mar 2, 2006

Paul's Retirement

On his last day of work before retirement, co-workers gave honour to Paul. He had a service record from September 12, 1988 until January 13, 2006. We all wish him well!

Special cake for Paul

The cake inspectors give it final approval.

Fellow mechcnic Jim points to the part with the most icing.

Time to start the slicing.

On lookers.

Is there anyone working today?